Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Continued Success of Reintroduction of Western Bluebird to San Juan Islands

Keep Those Sightings Coming In! (to see original email and source for this post, please click here)

Please report your bluebird sightings! While we know the locations of the active nests, observations of individuals, pairs, or family groups moving around the islands are very helpful for us to keep track of thier movements. Its also possible that any birds you observe have not yet been sighted this year. As always, if possible, try to spot the color bands on the birds' legs... it helps us identify individuals. Please report your sightings to the Western Bluebird Hotline at 360-298-2822 or after August 14 to Kathleen Foley at 360-298-1856. (Male Adult Western bluebird with leg bands: in the right light, the colors are unmistakable! (photo by Mark Gardner))

Senate Bill 510 on Food "Safety"

Rabbits For Meat or Pets

To sign up for a harvesting workshop or to garner additional information, please contact Morgan at mrs.wallouszo@gmail.com

Where Are Tomorrow's Farmers? By Filmmaker Mike Hurwicz of Orcas Island

Thanks to the Raynier Foundation for its generous support of this project. copyright © 2009 by Michael Hurwicz Irthlingz Productions

It's Not Easy Being Green (1969). I still really miss Jim Henson.